NewsRussians attempt to claim victory over enemy, embarrassment ensues

Russians attempt to claim victory over enemy, embarrassment ensues

Russian propaganda has made a major blunder again, not for the first time.
Russian propaganda has made a major blunder again, not for the first time.
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4:06 PM EST, November 13, 2023

Russian propaganda proves to be as efficient as Vladimir Putin's frontline army. This time around, they clumsily "reported" combat near Belgorod. Although the Russians boasted about eliminating Ukrainian saboteurs, online users promptly debunked their claims. They presented their burning vehicle merely as a theft... a pilfered footage from the Ukrainian army.

This was marketed as a victory for the Russian army, intended to demonstrate their steadfast vigilance over the Russian Federation's borders. The media reported a clash with a group of saboteurs who had breached the Ukrainian border, penetrating the Belgorod region and reaching the city of Shebekino. Here, Russian soldiers reportedly thwarted these "enemies," showcasing a burning vehicle.

As the Russians swelled with pride, gloating about their supposed slaying of eight adversaries, internet users swiftly exposed the sham and clarified the source of the footage. These are archived photos captured by Ukrainians who intercepted a Russian convoy somewhere along the frontline. This explains the vehicle's notorious "Z" marking.

Russian propaganda has once again committed a colossal blunder. Sadly, this is not a first.

The Russian army craves battlefield victories and evidence of their military aptitude. Such instances are scarce; the Ukrainians allow the aggressors little to celebrate. Hence, victories must be imagined and carefully orchestrated to maintain domestic tranquility. However, it must be executed with finesse and class.

Russian propaganda, unfortunately, falls short of delivering this, as evidenced once more by their unanimous failure.

Initially, the news circulated that partisans from Ukraine had launched an offensive in the Belgorod region. According to the report, the Russian army had supposedly neutralized eight attackers and destroyed their vehicles near Shebekino. As supposed evidence, they displayed footage of a burning military vehicle marked with the letter "Z." The reason behind this label? The Ukrainians were allegedly "masquerading" as Russians.

It was soon revealed that the footage was recycled material pilfered from the Ukrainians. They indeed thwarted an attack, but it was the Ukrainian Armed Forces who had neutralized the intruders and showcased the wreckage of their vehicle. Internet users observed that in the video, a voice is audibly speaking Ukrainian and disparaging the Russians with derogatory statements.

The story doesn't end there, as the regional authorities in Belgorod also issued statements.

Belgorod region's governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, refuted any claims of military incidents along the Ukrainian border. He assured that the reports regarding the "Ukrainian sabotage group" were fallacies and that the skirmish was grossly exaggerated. As such, he emphasized the region's safety as crucial.

The twist lies in the fact that the propaganda was presented utterly differently. It appears that the Russians are yet again at odds over the falsehoods disseminated to the world.

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