NewsRussians are talking about changing borders. Names of two countries have been mentioned

Russians are talking about changing borders. Names of two countries have been mentioned

Russian propagandists talk about changes to borders.
Russian propagandists talk about changes to borders.
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8:18 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov gave another "performance" on television. This time he talked about the inviolability of borders. He considered this concept to be inconsistent with history. In the context of changing borders, he mentioned two countries.

The principle of inviolability of borders was formulated in the Final Act of the OSCE. It speaks of mutual recognition of borders by signatories as inviolable.

The principle also assumes that countries should refrain from attacks on borders and prevent demands or actions aimed at taking over a part or the whole territory of any of the countries.

One of the countries that accepted this principle in writing was the Soviet Union. Its successor, contemporary Russia, has no intention of adhering to it. This has been clearly visible since 2008 when the Russians invaded Georgia. Doubts were also dispelled in 2014 when the "little green men" entered Ukraine. And the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 only confirms this.

Russian propagandist on border changes

Thus, no one will be surprised that Russian propaganda television openly talks about changes to borders.

In the main role, we have a central figure of their television - Vladimir Solovyov. He is the most well-known and repeatedly awarded by Vladimir Putin Russian propagandist.

Solovyov during another of his television tirades was actually discussing the principle of territorial integrity. The Russian believed that it was inconsistent with historical reality.

Where is the GDR? Where is the USSR? What kind of inviolability in the world can we talk about? Such a concept has never existed in the entire history of humanity. Borders have always been violated. That's the historical reality - says Solovyov.

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In his opinion, since the fall of the USSR, the borders drawn between countries, that were in the former Soviet Union, were uncertain. Solovyov gives two countries as an example.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are still trying to define their borders - says the Russian propagandist.

Russia wants to seize additional territories

It's no wonder then, that the Russians disregard international law, if they believe borders are not something permanent. Sergei Mardan, another Russian propagandist, recently said that what's happening in Ukraine is only an exercise, and "then it will be the turn of the Baltic countries".

Let us recall that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, and some Central Asian countries were part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. After its fall in the 90s, each of them declared independence. Despite this, Russia still considers them to be within its sphere of influence. In some cases, like in Ukraine, it wants to regain territory.

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