NewsRussian woman sleeps next to husband's corpse for 3 years, hoping for resurrection

Russian woman sleeps next to husband's corpse for 3 years, hoping for resurrection

Russian police - illustrative photo
Russian police - illustrative photo
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5:44 AM EST, February 4, 2024

"Moskowskij Komsomolec" reports on this unsettling event in the Leningrad region. As per the Russian portal, the wife preserved her late husband's body, wrapped in a blanket, within her home for three years, sharing the same bed with it. This horrifying discovery was made in one of the villages in the Gatchina region by a juvenile inspector who was there to assess the living conditions of the four residing children.

As stated by Russian media, the man, born in 1976, had an argument with his wife days before passing away. He collapsed one day and never woke up. Regardless, his wife was of the belief that her husband belonged not in a graveyard but amongst his family. She enforced a silence on her children about the reality, threatening them with the prospect of an orphanage. It has been reported that she has a history of psychiatric treatment.

Eerie Cross Found by the Bed

As claimed by "Moskowskij Komsomolec", quoting the service, a Cross of Anubis was found near the deceased man's feet on the bed. It symbolizes an Egyptian belief - the key to the afterlife that grants immortality. It is probable that the woman was under the impression that her husband would eventually resurrect.

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What is the current status of the case? - There is an ongoing suspicion regarding the woman's mental health. Thus, she is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, and the children have been moved to a care center," said an individual with insight into the investigation during a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The prosecutor's office will not only scrutinize the particulars of this case but will also examine the actions implemented by the officers and services involved. It remains debatable how the wife was able to conceal her husband's dead body for an extended period.

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