NewsRussian war victim's last words inscribed on brick, delivered to grieving mother in Rostov

Russian war victim's last words inscribed on brick, delivered to grieving mother in Rostov

She lost her son in the war, she received a hollow block as a gift.
She lost her son in the war, she received a hollow block as a gift.
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7:56 AM EST, December 22, 2023

How many Russian mothers and wives are in mourning for their sons and husbands lost to the war in Ukraine? There are probably thousands, and the death count of soldiers keeps increasing. There was a time when soldiers' sacrifices were acknowledged by the authorities, who sometimes provided families with appliances and even cars as compensation. However, this is no longer the case today.

A Rostov woman lost her son in the war. A military delegation arrived at her doorstep, state television cameras in tow, to deliver this heart-wrenching news. The woman and her daughter, despite their shock, cordially received the unanticipated delegation. The officer revealed that her son had died in the war. But, the surprises did not end there.

The grieving woman was handed a brick by the military as a token of remembrance. In reality.

The officer leading the military delegation reported that her son died in battle near Marjinka, having fought with courage. The Russian army's commander, General Sergei Shoigu, expressed great pride in his efforts and gratitude to the mother for raising an exemplary serviceman. Following this came the issue of gifts.

The military handed the mother a brick on which her fallen son inscribed his last message. Knowing his end was near, he left a message for his family on a wall in the ruins of Marjinka. A certain Roman Rudakov etched a few words in haste. He was dead just a few hours later.

This message, inscribed on a brick, has survived and made its way back to his heartbroken mother at home.

While Ukrainians question his decision to join the war, the Russians are lauding him as a national hero, with propaganda portraying him prominently. It appears he died unknowingly in a basement alongside his unit, in a war whose meaning he likely didn't fully comprehend. This grim fate is shared by many young Russians.

But the military has yet another "gift" for the bereaved family. The younger brother of the deceased soldier will be granted admission to the military academy in Petersburg, in recognition of Roman's service.

Combat continues in the vicinity of Marjinka. Once a boundary town of Donetsk, it's now under Russian control. Marjinka was one piece of Ukraine's defense line, and Russians saw it as a city to overtake in order to push back Ukraine's Armed Forces from the regional capital. The conquerors have reduced the area to rubble one house at a time.

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