TechRussian UMPB D-30SN bomb seen in action under Su-34 aircraft

Russian UMPB D‑30SN bomb seen in action under Su‑34 aircraft

Su-34 - reference photo
Su-34 - reference photo
Images source: © Getty Images | Anadolu

10:23 AM EDT, May 24, 2024

The first photos confirming that the Russians are using the UMPB D-30SN bomb have surfaced online. Previously, the Russians had only published fragments of this ammunition and pictures of "varying degrees of authenticity," the Ukrainian agency Unian reports.

A little over two months after the first photo showing the wreck of the UMPB D-30SN bomb appeared, the first materials showcasing the mentioned ammunition suspended under the Su-34 bomber have surfaced online. This is the first time the Russians have shown such a detailed photograph of their new weapon, which is essentially a clone of the American GLSDB bomb.

The UMPB D-30SN is ammunition designed to be launched from an aircraft. This conclusion emerged after photos of the wreck of the bomb mentioned were published in March this year. They show a unique pylon hook used for suspension under the aircraft. Now, the suspicions have been confirmed—more materials have surfaced online confirming the presence of the UMPB D-30SN in the Russian army and their ability to launch them from aircraft (Su-34).

D-30SN bomb suspended under Su-34 aircraft

The community earlier revealed details about the new Russian weapon on Telegram's Fighterbomber channel. According to the analysts' report, the bomb has a diameter of 12 inches and uses a combination of satellite navigation and inertial guidance systems to conduct accurate strikes.

The UMPB D-30SN's warhead weighs approximately 500 lbs, and the entire construction includes the warhead, control unit, and wings that deploy during flight. Although it was previously assumed that the Russians used a turbojet engine in the D-30SN, the latest photos show no signs confirming this theory.

The Russians' photos indicate that the D-30SN is mounted on the standard Tornado-S rocket section, so the Russian Federation's army did not have to modernize its aircraft to adapt them to the new bombs.

"In the past, there were rumours that the weapon might have a small turbojet engine," reads the Unian portal. Although theoretically, it is still possible and the Russian arsenal may contain such instances, the latest photo of the ammunition suspended under the Su-34 does not confirm these rumours, and there is no evidence to suggest that the aggressor's army equips the weapon with an addition that increases the bomb's range (most likely around 43 miles) and allows them to attack Ukrainian positions from a safe distance away from anti-aircraft systems.

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