NewsRussian TV crew injured while filming propaganda in Ukraine

Russian TV crew injured while filming propaganda in Ukraine

Injured "journalist" and his crew somewhere on the front in Donbas
Injured "journalist" and his crew somewhere on the front in Donbas
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2:36 PM EDT, June 13, 2024

A correspondent for Russian television, his cameraman, and an escort officer were seriously injured in the Donetsk region. The information was confirmed on social media by the NTV channel, the employer of the injured film crew. They had traveled to Ukraine to record Kremlin propaganda.

Russian propaganda strives to present a distorted image of the war in Ukraine to its citizens. Publicly accessible Russian TV channels compete in creating narratives consistent with Kremlin policy.

For this reason, they send their employees to training grounds in Russia and directly to the front in Ukraine to create more content. A few days ago, we reported on a cameraman from the Rossiya 1 channel who was seriously injured during a presentation of a Russian anti-personnel mine.

On June 13, information about more injured employees producing Russian propaganda emerged. The reports were confirmed by the employer of the injured "journalists," the Gazprom-controlled media group NTV.

According to current data, two NTV employees were injured. They are correspondent Aleksei Ivliev and cameraman Valery Kozhin. Both are undergoing surgery. The third victim is an escort officer, according to the NTV station on Telegram.

Among the injured is well-known station correspondent Aleksei Ivliev. So far, it has not been disclosed what exactly happened; the occupation authorities of the region only state that the injuries occurred while performing professional duties.

The NTV channel is known for spreading disinformation and participating in the anti-Ukrainian campaign conducted by Russian authorities. As for 56-year-old Ivliev, most of his professional career is with NTV. He began working with the station in 1993. According to his profile on the channel’s website, he specializes in covering armed conflicts.

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