NewsRussian TV airs provocative map amid migrant crisis at Finnish border

Russian TV airs provocative map amid migrant crisis at Finnish border

Russian propaganda showed what the border with Finland looks like.
Russian propaganda showed what the border with Finland looks like.
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10:37 AM EST, November 27, 2023

Russian propaganda often resorts to methods far removed from high journalistic standards. Recently, a map was aired on Russian television illustrating a route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, marking the only open crossing point. Here's what was revealed.

Russians are once again exploiting people as pawns. This time migrants are being directed towards the borders of Finland and Estonia. Dramatic images have begun to circulate on the internet. On the Russian side, groups of migrants equipped with bicycles and scooters braving subzero temperatures can be seen approaching the border checkpoints.

However, Finnish services recognize that this sudden influx at their border is a maneuver orchestrated by the Kremlin. As a result, a drastic decision was made. Initially, four crossings in Karelia were shut down and security along the border has been tightened.

Subsequently, another four border crossings were closed. Currently, the only one remaining is the arctic crossing at Raja-Jooseppi in Finnish Lapland. Regardless, the situation remains in a state of high tension.

On Friday, Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo explicitly labeled Russia's actions as a hybrid attack. Since November, when a surge of Russian-aligned migrants without proper documentation began, an estimated 800 individuals have arrived, with a majority appearing within the last two weeks.

Also on Friday, the Finnish government announced that new arrivals will be housed in asylum centres. There, they will undergo necessary identification procedures. Authorities will assess if any of the individuals pose a risk.

Russia Indifferent to Crisis at the Finnish Border

Russian responses indicate complete apathy towards the crisis at the Finnish border. Russia is taking this opportunity to test Finnish commitment to human rights, with the Russian media openly criticising Finland.

Russian propaganda media outlets dismiss the plight of migrants being exploited. This is clearly demonstrated by a video shared by Anton Herashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

The Russians traced a route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, encapsulating the current border situation. This act was inappropriately likened to a "member," which they did not hesitate to broadcast on television.

The presenter made the claim that the Finns, faced with artificial and cynically induced border tensions caused by the Kremlin, closed their borders in an attempt to "curry favor with Washington."

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