TechRussian T-80BWM tanks claim superiority over German Leopard 2, thanks to gas turbine engines

Russian T‑80BWM tanks claim superiority over German Leopard 2, thanks to gas turbine engines

Russian T-80BWM tanks claim superiority over German Leopard 2, thanks to gas turbine engines
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12:53 PM EST, January 5, 2024

Bulgarian Military, citing the Russian agency Sputnik, reports that the Russians believe their designs outperform the German Leopard 2 tanks. One Russian armored division commander identifies the turbine-based drive as a factor contributing to the superiority of the Russian tanks over the German ones.

- The Russian T-80BWM is powered by a gas turbine engine, enabling it to handle muddy and post-snow conditions effectively - said a Russian military official. This feature supposedly allows Russian brigades to traverse the challenging terrain in Ukraine with ease, a claim they assert does not apply to the German Leopard 2 tanks.

T-80BWM Tank Equipped with GTD-1250 Engine

This latest model of the T-80 tank, in production since 1976, is driven by a GTD-1250 unit, delivering power up to an impressive 1250 HP. The manufacturer has also installed this unit in two other T-80 variants: T-80U and T-80BWM.

The drive above unit has garnered attention, as reported by the Bulgarian Military, due to the use of a gas turbine in its design, replacing traditional diesel engines. This innovative approach allows for more robust output from the unit and ensures efficient operation.

Gas turbines, like the GTD-1250, are considered among the most efficient tank propulsion units, as they can supply full power to the tank instantly. This provides high dynamics on flat terrains and enables smooth maneuvering in challenging terrain where mud and snow can prove problematic for tanks equipped with diesel engines.

The workings of the GTD-1250 revolve around a three-stage turbine system. The high-pressure turbine drives the high-pressure compressor, while the low-pressure turbine regulates the low-pressure compressor and generator. In the third stage, an exhaust gas turbine operates the steam cycle. This design enables effective energy transfer and assures up to 40 percent thermal efficiency.

In early January, the Russians announced the inaugural delivery of modernized T-80BWM tanks to their armed forces. These tanks are said to incorporate a new system for missile defense and a new communication system.

Gas turbine in the Russian T-80

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