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Russian streamer jailed after criticizing Ukraine invasion on Twitch

A Russian woman live attacked the Putin regime. She was sentenced to a terrible punishment.
A Russian woman live attacked the Putin regime. She was sentenced to a terrible punishment.
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9:12 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

Russian streamer and blogger Anna Bazhutova, known as Yokobovich on Twitch, criticized the invasion of Ukraine during one of her streams. For what she presented live, she quickly faced terrifying consequences.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine officially began on February 24, 2022, although the conflict between the countries had been ongoing for years. Naturally, most European countries and Western powers have given (and continue to) immense support to Ukraine. However, social sentiments are never unanimously the same. Exceptions can be found on either side. This is also seen on the Russian side. Breaking from the Putin narrative in the East is, however, much braver and costlier than sympathizing with the aggressor from the safe side of the border.

Streamer Anna Bazhutova live-streamed witnesses' accounts of atrocities supposedly committed by Russian soldiers during the occupation of Bucha. The "Moscow Times" reported that she was found guilty of spreading false information about the motherland's army. The incident likely occurred on June 2, 2023, although sources are inconclusive—Radio Free Europe claims it happened as early as 2022.

She live-streamed witnesses' accounts of the massacre of Ukrainians. Russian woman faced punishment

The Ukrainian government's narrative aligns with what was presented in Anna Bazhutova's material. Ukraine reported mass murders and aggression by Russian soldiers retreating from Bucha. As a result of their actions, hundreds of people died. Russia naturally disagreed with these accusations and stated through an official declaration that it is merely Western manipulation.

A complaint was filed against the Russian streamer, and the police quickly searched her home. Authorities confiscated all electronic devices, and she was placed in temporary detention. She had reportedly been in detention since August 2023. Anna Bazhutova's channel was taken down from Twitch, though the reasons for the ban are unknown. The service does not disclose such information.

What happened to the Russian streamer?

More than five years in prison—that's the sentence Anna Bazhutova received. She disagrees with the judge's decision, and her lawyer has announced an appeal. The streamer isn't afraid to speak her mind as she sharply commented on the sentence received. "This is f*cked up. It's disgusting and vile," she said during her hearing as a witness. The Russian woman is not alone: she has support among opponents of Putin's regime.

A Russian woman struck at the Putin regime live. She was sentenced to a dreadful punishment.
A Russian woman struck at the Putin regime live. She was sentenced to a dreadful punishment.© Canva

"We consider streamer Anna Bazhutova (YokoBovich) a political prisoner. The criminal case against Bazhutova violates her right to freedom of speech and is designed to silence the voices of people in Russia who criticize the war against Ukraine," said the organization Political Prisoners Memorial when Bazhutova was arrested in 2023.

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