NewsRussian soldiers speak out about degrading treatment as 'cannon fodder', revealing grim morale in the army

Russian soldiers speak out about degrading treatment as 'cannon fodder', revealing grim morale in the army

"Beginning of a rebellion in the Russian army? "We want it to end."
"Beginning of a rebellion in the Russian army? "We want it to end."
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11:27 PM EST, February 9, 2024, updated: 3:20 PM EST, February 10, 2024

A new video posted by vlogger WarTranslated on the Twitter platform paints a grim picture of the dire situation in the Russian army, showing just how low the morale amongst the recruits has plummeted. Soldiers divulge the harsh reality of offensives where they are deployed as disposable resources.

The notorious 155th brigade, which is struggling to seize Novomikhailovka, is witnessing an increasing wave of disillusionment. The local soldiers are dispatched towards an inevitable confrontation with the Ukrainian forces, a "one-way ticket" of sorts. They are left without essential supplies like ammunition or evacuation plans, justified by the cruel label of them being "meat" - WarTranslated notes.

The accompanying post to the WarTranslated video draws attention to the identities of the individuals featured in the footage. The recording, dated February 8, 2024, delivers a contemporary account directly from the war zone.

In the video - most likely shot by a Russian soldier - two other recruits portray their grievances concerning the appalling conditions. One soldier narrates his harrowing experiences from the battlefield.

Yesterday, three assault troops were dispatched. Only three soldiers made it back alive - obviously without any form of support. There were no evacuation provisions for the wounded. The ones who returned were armed only with knives and sent right back into the fray - one of the soldiers recounts.

An additional soldier, armed with a rifle, resonates with his peer's dissent, refusing to accept such appalling treatment.

Our command labels us as meat. They disregard our human rights, treating us as disposable, literally. We urge an end to these inhumane practices. We are humans, not mere cannon fodder. We intend to make a collective appeal to all departments, to put a stop to this once and for all - the second soldier asserts.
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