NewsRussian soldiers rebel against commanders amid growing discontent in military ranks

Russian soldiers rebel against commanders amid growing discontent in military ranks

Huge commotion in Russia. Soldiers started shooting.
Huge commotion in Russia. Soldiers started shooting.
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5:30 AM EST, January 16, 2024

Russia's propaganda, primarily driven by Putin, has staunchly maintained for years that Russia possesses a formidable army. However, the Russian failures on the frontline and the subsequent mobilization reveal significant flaws and insufficiencies. Commanding officers are seemingly grappling with the situation as well.

As reported by the Institute of War Studies, those conscripted from Russia and sent to the Ukrainian frontline are often used as expendable troops. Russian forces continue to deploy Storm-Z assault units, predominantly comprised of convicts, in direct infantry-led strikes.

There's a growing discontent amongst the soldiers who demand attention to their grievances. As per social media reports, some Russian officers physically assaulted the recruited prisoners. In retaliation, the prisoners bound these commanders and assaulted them.

In a short video, we see soldiers isolating themselves in a basement to stay away from their commanders. Machine-gun fire is audible in the background. The commanders are trying to reach their men.

"Hey, I gave the order to bind them. We did that ****, everything is going to work out fine," a Russian soldier can be heard shouting in the recording.

Massive protest ensues in Russia as residents reach breaking point

According to Biełsat TV, thousands took to the streets in the Russian city of Baymak in the Republic of Bashkiria. The spur for the protest was the impending trial of a local activist who could serve several years in a correctional colony. The populace is indignant and intent on standing by Fail Ałsynow. The verdict is expected soon.

Fail Ałsynow was detained for promoting the slogan "Bez kara chałyk", which translates from the Bashkir language to "We are black people". The slogan refers to the Bashkirs' history and the derogatory terms Russians use towards them. Biełsat reports that Ałsynow has been charged with extremism and inciting racial hatred, offenses that could land him in a less punitive colony for up to four years.

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