NewsRussian soldier's reaction to Ukrainian drone: fear and uncertainty

Russian soldier's reaction to Ukrainian drone: fear and uncertainty

The Russian noticed a drone. He decided to pray.
The Russian noticed a drone. He decided to pray.
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6:02 PM EST, November 29, 2023

Drones hold a significant role in the ongoing war in Ukraine. They are used to locate or destroy targets, assuming they are laced with an explosive charge. A recent video posted online reveals a Russian soldier's reaction when one of these devices hovered above him.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has lasted 21 months now. Neither faction has achieved their declared objectives. The Russians have failed to capture Kiev and incorporate Ukraine as a satellite state. Conversely, the Ukrainians have managed to defend their independence thus far, though the attempted summer counteroffensive didn't bring any tangible outcomes. At this juncture, reclaiming Crimea, Donbas, and other occupied territories from Russian control seems bleak.

The latest reports indicate that Putin's army is seizing the initiative. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) notes that Russians are advancing their offensive under Avdiivka, making slight progress. On Tuesday, November 28, Ukrainian forces launched counterattacks on the left bank of the Dnieper, maintaining their positions. The current front line has been in a deadlock for some time.

A Russian Soldier Spots a Drone: The Reaction

Both sides of this gruesome conflict indeed utilize the most modern tools, among them drones. The machines are programmed to locate or potentially attack targets. Some drones, kamikaze-inspired, carry explosive charges serving as makeshift missiles.

Given their potential to wreak havoc, seeing a drone can invoke fear. A video shared online captures a Russian soldier's terror as he spots one such device flying overhead.

The Russian soldier's reaction speaks volumes. He first made the symbol of the cross twice, then clasped his hands as if beseeching mercy. The ultimate fate of this soldier - whether he was spared or eliminated - remains unknown.

Drones pose a formidable threat, a fact well recognized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recently, the Ukrainians developed ground drones, resembling small, hand-guided vehicles. These drones detect heat and explode in response, creating a significant hazard to opposing personnel on the front lines.

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