NewsRussian soldiers: "Our commander stole humanitarian aid"

Russian soldiers: "Our commander stole humanitarian aid"

A curious situation in Russia. The soldiers are complaining about this.
A curious situation in Russia. The soldiers are complaining about this.
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10:42 AM EDT, October 24, 2023

Soldiers from Kolyma couldn't stand it anymore. The Russians recorded a special video and complained in it that their commander had stolen... humanitarian aid. This is another piece of information that says that Vladimir Putin's army is a colossus with feet of clay.

This is the Kolyma battalion, 1st Slavic brigade. There are a few of us here. The rest are injured, in the hospital, or are no longer alive - explains the soldier.

The Russian explains that on July 20, 450 people from their camp went to the front. Some were in the unit for 2-3 days, and there were people who were sent to war after just one day. Most had not previously served in the Russian military, meaning they had no experience or training.

Our brigade spent two weeks at the training ground, and then we were sent to the front without an officer's crew, without commanders, guides, without knowledge of the terrain. There are many wounded, fallen and those who have gone missing. Look at how we are dressed - emphasizes the Russian.

As the soldier claims, humanitarian aid was sent to them, but they received nothing, as everything was taken by the commanders. He adds that everyone wants to return home alive, but they fear they won't make it.

The hard fate of Russian soldiers

This is not the first film with mobilized men who complain about their command. A few months ago, a conscript from the Krasnodar territory recorded a video message from Ukraine with harsh criticism of the Ministry of Defense.

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In the recording, the man claims that he was thrown out into the field "like a dog", only having an "AK-47 and a bayonet", but without bullets. He also did not have any leaders with him.

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