NewsRussian soldiers meet tragic end after being served tainted food & vodka

Russian soldiers meet tragic end after being served tainted food & vodka

Russian soldiers poisoned in Crimea, they received vodka and food.
Russian soldiers poisoned in Crimea, they received vodka and food.
Images source: © Getty Images | Sean Gallup
11:02 AM EST, December 2, 2023

Two seemingly kindhearted women in Crimea greeted Russian soldiers with food and vodka. The unsuspecting soldiers, who had occupied the peninsula a decade ago with the intent of bonding with the locals and "liberating it from the yoke of Kyiv," accepted their generous offer with delight. Unbeknownst to them, the women had laced their food with arsenic. The fatal meal has resulted in 24 dead soldiers, and the women have since vanished without a trace.

Similar tragedies have occurred since the onset of the war, but it seems Russian soldiers fail to learn from their colleague's misfortunes in other units on the Ukrainian front. Incidents of poisonings and guerrilla attacks have been reported in Melitopol, Mariupol, and Luhansk, and now soldiers in Crimea have fallen to the deceptive hospitality of locals. This particular incident happened in Simferopol, home to the military base of the invaders.

The tragic event unfolded when two young women arrived at the base, bearing gifts of food and vodka for the soldiers. Could there be a better sign of goodwill and hospitality? Taking pleasure in the gesture, the unsuspecting Russians, who had been anticipating such tokens of kindness since the war’s start, heartily partook. In the aftermath, 24 soldiers have now died, and another 11 are in the hospital.

It has come to light that the entire incident was orchestrated by guerrillas operating in Crimea. The Russian soldiers, who have been stationed here since 2014 and who had annexed the peninsula from Ukraine, met with a grim fate. The seemingly kind women had added a lethal dose of arsenic to the food, resulting in the death of multiple soldiers. Their fate serves as a grim reminder for the invaders about the reality of hospitality in enemy territory.

The Ukrainians continue to assert that Crimea belongs to them, and are determined to reclaim it after a decade of futile attempts.

The iron-fisted rule of the Russians has instilled fear among the locals on the peninsula, however, this incident has taught them a hard lesson. Ukrainians have been resisting in myriad ways, with this latest action regarded as a masterstroke. The instigators disappeared without a trace. The invaders continue to bear heavy losses, and it is likely this is just the beginning – local florals aren’t the greeting they should anticipate…

Ukrainian resistance movements developed in the occupied territories continued to shock the Russians. Despite scarce supplies and equipment, the Russian soldiers still accept food and celebrate local hospitality. Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and gaming consoles have run out. Local delicacies like pierogi, solyanka, or homemade moonshine seem sufficient to tempt them.

The food is often laced with harmful substances such as rat poison, toxic chemicals, or even hidden needles, unbeknownst to the Russian soldiers. Their drinks are also cleverly spiked. The local partisans are clandestinely active, capable of unexpected attacks, targeting officers, collaborators, and those who represent Moscow's authority. or even common soldiers.

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