NewsRussian soldiers in occupied Kherson region complain of harsh conditions: 'We have to sleep on bare hay'

Russian soldiers in occupied Kherson region complain of harsh conditions: 'We have to sleep on bare hay'

Russian soldiers are complaining about conditions in the hospital. "We have to sleep on bare straw beds"
Russian soldiers are complaining about conditions in the hospital. "We have to sleep on bare straw beds"
Images source: © "Service X" | @technicznybdg
5:06 PM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:32 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The footage was released on X (previously known as Twitter) and recorded by Russian soldiers from the 144th Motorized Rifle Brigade themselves. The soldiers in the video show the prevailing conditions in their field hospital in the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region.

We can hear the soldiers of Vladimir Putin say that no one needs them and their living conditions are worse than those of the homeless. They reportedly sleep on bare hay and eat poorly. What's worse, many of them should be receiving treatment, but they haven't been given any medication.

This is not the first time Russian soldiers have voiced their complaints about their living conditions. These issues have been apparent since the early days of the war in the territory of our eastern neighbors.

"We are not cannon fodder, we are people"

For instance, in July 2023, Anton Heraszczenko posted a video on X (previously known as Twitter) featuring Russian soldiers discussing the conditions at the frontline and criticizing the actions of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In the video, Russian soldiers appeal directly to the Ministry of Defense and Sergei Shoigu. "The Ministry of Defense does not keep its promises. We have no ammunition," the soldiers complain, talking about the heavy losses at the front. "Out of three platoons, only six of us remain," the men disclose in the recording.

One of the soldiers reveals that upon their unit's return to base after a lost battle, they were received by their commander with the words: "You're still alive? If you're still alive, return to the attack".

We are not cannon fodder, we are people. Stop this madness - the soldiers plead at the end of the recording.
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