NewsRussian soldiers have fled. Reports from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian soldiers have fled. Reports from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian soldiers have fled. Reports from the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Images source: © PAP | STRINGER
7:52 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has announced that mass desertion of Vladimir Putin's troops has occurred in the occupied city of Nova Kakhovka. According to this information, about 60 Russian soldiers have decided to leave the ranks of the army.

The desertion took place in the occupied city of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine.

The local police, operating under Moscow's control, are intensely searching for escaped soldiers.

It's worth noting that reports of desertion in the ranks of the Russian army have been appearing regularly since the beginning of the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine, which is from February 24, 2022.

The Russian military is hiding desertions

Especially in the first months of the conflict, Ukrainian authorities and media reported on the mass desertion of Russian soldiers from the battlefield. However, the information was concealed by Russian unit commanders.

They also threatened to shoot their subordinates in case of any attempt to abandon their combat positions.

They voluntarily surrender themselves to captivity

An interesting phenomenon is also the fact that within the Ukrainian project "I Want to Live," operating under the patronage of military intelligence (HUR), over 25 thousand applications have already been received from Russian citizens who willingly wanted to surrender to Ukrainian captivity.

This shows the scale of dissatisfaction of Russian soldiers with the aggression on Ukraine led by the Kremlin.

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