NewsRussian soldiers disguised as Ukrainians busted in failed infiltration attempt, escalating tensions

Russian soldiers disguised as Ukrainians busted in failed infiltration attempt, escalating tensions

New Russian tactics on the front. This has not happened before.
New Russian tactics on the front. This has not happened before.
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1:26 PM EST, January 25, 2024

Russian soldiers, under Vladimir Putin's command, tried deceptively to infiltrate behind Ukrainian lines. A group of Russian military personnel, disguised in the enemy's uniforms, tried to breach the defense line in the Kharkiv region.

The idea was hatched by soldiers of the Wagner Group, who have been in combat alongside Vladimir Putin's army since the onset of the war. They use their vast combat experience to devise operation of the so-called "false flag" type.

Public confirmations have surfaced that Russians are disguising themselves in Ukrainian uniforms, especially in the Synkivka area, where the gray zone has recently expanded. Typically, such tactics are employed by DRG, but recently in Synkivka, the infantry have been donning disguises en masse and attacking Ukrainian positions, according to social media reports.

Over recent months in 2023, Ukraine has shifted from a counteroffensive to what military analysts term as "active defense". The creation of an intricate defense line on the rear lines still remains a critical part of this strategy.

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced at the end of the previous year that Ukraine is enhancing its fortifications significantly. This aligns with Ukraine's agenda to augment its combat troops by 2024 and rejuvenate its offensive combat prowess by 2025.

A grim milestone: Over 700 days of war in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's forces continue to push aggressively into Ukrainian territory. In the Luhansk region, Russia has doubled the deployment of drones in just a day.

The Luhansk Regional State Administration stated on Facebook that "Our defenders repelled five attacks in these areas. The enemy's infantry is increasingly supported by an array of drones. Their deployment has doubled in the past day."
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