NewsRussian soldier miraculously "healed" by drone scare on Ukrainian front

Russian soldier miraculously "healed" by drone scare on Ukrainian front

The injured Russian stood up and fled in panic. A miraculous recovery on the front line.
The injured Russian stood up and fled in panic. A miraculous recovery on the front line.
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7:33 AM EDT, July 5, 2024

Quite unexpectedly, Russian soldiers might have experienced a "miracle" on the Ukrainian front—all thanks to a drone that suddenly arrived and dropped a load. The "severely injured" soldier immediately jumped off the stretcher and fled in panic, just like his comrades who had been pretending to be medics, hoping that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not attack them.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two years. There have already been many unusual videos circulating on social media. This time, we saw a video that could indicate a "miracle" performed by the operator of a Ukrainian drone.

The recording shows five Russian soldiers. A drone flies over their heads, filming their behavior. At one point, we see a grenade falling, which explodes shortly afterward. The Russians immediately started to flee, especially the one who had been pretending to be severely injured.

Among the five soldiers was probably one injured person. The aforementioned soldier was being carried on a stretcher by the others. After the bomb exploded, the soldier must have been very frightened because he... stood up and started to run. Just behind him, the remaining comrades also began to flee. Perhaps the man was simply tired, and his colleagues wanted to help.

As is known, the Moscow and All Rus’ Patriarch, Kirill I, defends Vladimir Putin's decision to start the war in Ukraine. He has repeatedly called Western countries the enemy. The media have often described him as an FSB agent and a trusted man of the Kremlin.

Internet users commenting on the described recording also recalled the statement of another Russian cleric.

There are no atheists in war. When you face death, every fiber of your soul comes alive. How many testimonies of Christ's victory over death are there now? My own wife sends me many clips. Literally during Lent, I watched a film about a Chinese man who took part in the 'special military operation', got a bullet in the stomach that damaged all his intestines - he said.

In the latter part of his statement, the cleric added that the man died but then... was resurrected. St. Luke from Crimea appeared to him, leading to his healing. He said that his family visited the resurrected Chinese man. All of them became followers of the Orthodox Church.

Will there be a conversion this time as well? Will the Russians understand that pretending to be medics on the front doesn’t pay off?

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