NewsRussian soldier in distress. Chilling recording from Ukraine

Russian soldier in distress. Chilling recording from Ukraine

The Russians were abusing their colleague, who overdid it with drugs in the trenches.
The Russians were abusing their colleague, who overdid it with drugs in the trenches.
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9:51 AM EST, November 16, 2023

They are caught in a conflict they do not understand. They are sent to the slaughter, devoid of any hope for survival. Remarkably, the "second-strongest army in the world" is facing significant problems, a fact brought into light by behind-the-scenes footage. In a recent clip, a soldier grapples with drug intoxication, and his colleagues choose to exploit his vulnerable state for a cruel prank.

So, what to do if the commander neither yells, abuses, nor sends you to your doom - where the "chocholy" (a derogatory term occupants use for Ukrainian soldiers) ceaselessly thwart the subsequent Russian offensives? You may unwind, have a drink, and catch your breath. Alternatively, you may resort to the pervasive drugs in the Russian army and attempt to endure.

Understandably, danger exists not only on the enemy's side but also within the Russian lines. This is vividly exemplified by a Russian soldier battling drug-induced hallucinations. His cohorts take it upon themselves to "make merry" by threatening to "reset" him. Terror-struck, the soldier cries out in fear, unsure of what is to come. Miraculously, he survived this torment.

The mockery orchestrated by Putin's soldiers could be deemed "exquisite." Observing one of them writhing under the influence of drugs, uncertain of the boundary between reality and fantasy, they decide to impose a twisted "treatment" on him. Initially, they annoy him for being a poor comrade as he didn't share his stash. Then, a reckless round of torment ensues, replete with death threats, all under the guise of fun.

The young soldier is terrified, unable to stop his tears, and incapable of calming down. His "friends" from the squad haul him to the trenches, assault him, and "reassure" him that they will "reset" this unfortunate man. In simpler terms, they would eliminate him because he overindulged. Naturally, he gave no thought to his comrades. Regrettably, no one intervenes in defense of the unfortunate young man.

Oleg Yakovlev, the tormented and humiliated young man from Saratov, reportedly survived this ordeal. His comrades-in-arms have demonstrated the trait that the Russian army has been infamous for over centuries—complete disregard for human lives, rampant chaos, and extreme brutality. Vladimir Putin should indeed be proud of his soldiers, or so it seems.

An inside view of the "second-strongest army in the world", which once sought to conquer Ukraine.

The Russians are known for their ruthlessness, not only against Ukrainians but also towards their own., an investigative portal, has shared a video showing officers tormenting their soldiers. These soldiers were accused of theft and subsequently relegated to the penal company where they were degraded, beaten, and forced into hard labor.

Cases such as these are not isolated. Some may argue that it is something Russians have inherited over generations.

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