NewsRussian soldier complained about the conditions. The next day he was beaten

Russian soldier complained about the conditions. The next day he was beaten

The Russian was complaining about the conditions. Then he was beaten.
The Russian was complaining about the conditions. Then he was beaten.
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10:04 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

A Russian soldier from Kalmykia, who complained about the conditions of his service, reported that the command resolved the issues and now "everything is fine with him". The problem is, a video depicting the repercussions... of a beating, appeared next on his page.

Anton Heraszczenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, shared on social media a video of a Russian soldier, showing the aftermath of his beating.

The person featured in the recording is Sanal Ivanov, who worked as a medic in the Moscow prison "Matrosskaya Tishina". In May 2023, he voluntarily enlisted in the military service and was assigned to the 26th Motorized Rifle Regiment. Sanal's ex-wife and classmates confirmed to the "Novosti" portal that he is in the military service zone and they are maintaining contact with him.

When I was drafted into the military, it was promised that I would serve as a medic, but in reality that didn't happen - said Sanal in his first message.

He mentioned that his regiment is in the Kherson region and that he has been frequently sent to storm and take over previously fought positions on the front. Sanal tried to convince the command that he is a medic by profession and should not fight, especially on the islands, "because he can't swim".

Disciplinary conversation and beating

A few days later, a new post appeared on Ivanov's page, in which he thanked his supporters and assured that "everything is in order" and he is not being mistreated. He is no longer being sent to the islands and even the commander "supported" him.

Two days later, Sanal posted a new video, in which he revealed that the commander of the 26th Mechanized Infantry Regiment had summoned him for a "disciplinary talk". In the recording, the serviceman showed the "results" of this discussion: numerous bruises and leg injuries.

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