NewsRussian scandal: Secrets of Putin's residence accidentally exposed

Russian scandal: Secrets of Putin's residence accidentally exposed

Secret details about Putin's residence have leaked.
Secret details about Putin's residence have leaked.
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3:41 PM EDT, May 26, 2024

The Federal Protective Service of Russia is at the center of a massive scandal. The institution responsible for protecting the Russian president accidentally revealed all the secrets of Putin's residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. Vladimir Putin resides there and also holds Security Council meetings, reports Belsat.

Belsat, citing information from the WCzK-OGPU channel on Telegram, discusses the scandal in Russia. A group of Federal Protective Service employees and businessmen were convicted of embezzling funds allocated for the modernization of the residence. Most of the materials in this case have been classified, especially the parts that describe in detail the "interiors" of Object 53, which is Putin's residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

However, the Investigative Committee of Russia and FSO decided to add a civil lawsuit in addition to the criminal case against the accused. In the civil case, there were no classified stamps, and it included documents from the criminal case describing the "interior" of Novo-Ogaryovo, their specifications, and even secrets – writes Belsat.

The materials are in the Moscow City Court. Almost all information can be downloaded from the court's website, and some materials are also available from the court itself.

Four doctors and 111 guards. What else is known?

The residence in Novo-Ogaryovo is considered one of the most secretive locations. The WCzK-OGPU channel also posted photos of the case files, accurately describing the rooms, equipment, and personnel serving and protecting Putin.

Putin lives there and holds meetings, which is why his office from the Kremlin was recreated. According to the acquired information, the president of Russia has a bunker, and the staff quarters have four doctors and 111 guards. They perform their duties in two-hour shifts. For the guards, there is a shooting range with a gallery length of 55 yards and a room for weapon maintenance.

In the rooms where Putin's service and protection staff eat their meals, a four-person guard is permanently on duty, "apparently to ensure that everyone is not poisoned," adds Belsat.

In Novo-Ogaryovo, there is a dog breeding facility with a dual purpose. In addition to service dogs, there are also pets... gifted by the heads of other states.

Novo-Ogaryovo is located in the suburbs of Moscow. In recent months, journalists tracking the residence reported that Putin has a swimming pool, baths, saunas, a gym, dry cleaners, and even a secret railway line.

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