NewsRussian propaganda hints at expansive territorial ambitions

Russian propaganda hints at expansive territorial ambitions

Russian propagandists shock.
Russian propagandists shock.
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7:54 AM EDT, March 28, 2024

Russian propagandists are actively discussing the possibility of expanding their nation's territories, focusing on "restoring historical justice." Among the countries mentioned are several neighboring states, such as Poland.

Many reports from Russian media and officials are likely inaccurate and could be elements of the Russian Federation's information warfare strategy.

Channel "Russia 1" serves as the Kremlin's primary tool for disseminating propaganda. According to experts on Russia, the journalists and "experts" featured on this channel only express views sanctioned by Russian authorities.

For more than two years, Ukraine has been fiercely resisting Russian aggression. Russian media often broadcasts alarming theories about potential new territories to conquer. Anton Gerashchenko, a former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared a clip of such a discussion.

Seeking "historical justice"

A panel of six Russian "experts" discussed their nation's future ambitions. There was a unanimous agreement on the need to "restore historical justice" by annexing countries, including Poland, Finland, and the Baltic states. They also speculated that Serbia might willingly align with Russia.

In their discussions, the panel also named Alaska and California, both US states, implying these regions as potential targets. Notably, Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million, a sum equivalent to about $142 million today.

Russian colonization in North America started in the mid-18th century, influencing regions like California, Alaska, the Aleutians, the Alexander Archipelago, and parts of British Columbia, Washington state, and Oregon. This historical footprint is highlighted by
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