NewsRussian propaganda escalates, hints at potential invasion of Poland, fuelling regional tensions

Russian propaganda escalates, hints at potential invasion of Poland, fuelling regional tensions

Vladimir Solovyov once again vents his negative emotions towards Poland.
Vladimir Solovyov once again vents his negative emotions towards Poland.
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7:12 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Many of the accounts presented by Russian media and government officials are potentially untrue. These reports may be components in Russia's disinformation campaign.

Dramatic stories about specific military plans and prevalent threats are part of the information war waged by the Russian Federation. Since the beginning of the Ukraine invasion, Kremlin media has been working tirelessly to disseminate fear across Europe. They frequently discuss and write about Poland.

This time, Russia's prominent propagandist has once again voiced his imperial fantasies – Vladimir Solovyov, famously known as Putin's "media soldier". He is infamously anti-Poland and relishes in sharing his visions of a Russian attack on Poland.

During his state television talk show, Vladimir Solovyov speculated about how Russia might proceed with a future invasion of Poland. According to the propagandist, "Russians will fight like the Americans in Iraq," and the deployment of nuclear weapons isn't necessary, as missile and air strikes alone would be sufficient to devastate our country.

Do the Poles wish to be next? They are not our Ukrainian brethren. We won't regard them as kinsfolk. We will swiftly annihilate those cities, without the use of ground troops. We lament Ukraine, but we will fight Poland in the manner of Americans in Iraq. I can't predict nuclear attacks, but I am confident that missile and air strikes alone will decimate them. And we would win effortlessly - he asserted.

The footage was shared by Anton Herashchenko, an advisor to the ex-Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, on portal X. He targeted it towards Polish farmers who have been protesting and displaying animosity towards Ukraine recently.

I believe that Polish farmers need to see this - wrote Anton Herashchenko.
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