NewsRussian propaganda "discovered" a conspiracy in Ukraine. Coca-Cola is said to be helping

Russian propaganda "discovered" a conspiracy in Ukraine. Coca-Cola is said to be helping

Anna Kuzniecowa argues that Ukraine is trafficking children's organs. She insists the Coca-Cola Company is helping them
Anna Kuzniecowa argues that Ukraine is trafficking children's organs. She insists the Coca-Cola Company is helping them
Images source: © FORUM | Mikhail Tereshchenko
3:56 AM EDT, October 7, 2023

Shocking theories about the sale of children's and adult's organs in Ukraine were voiced by the Deputy Head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova. In her opinion, this dark operation is supported by the British military and... the Coca-Cola Company.

Many pieces of information shared by Russian media and representatives of the government are likely untrue. Such reports could be elements of an information war waged by the Russian Federation.

The Russians know how to scare and embarrass themselves in the eyes of the whole world. Because there is no other way to interpret the words of Anna Kuznetsova, the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, as both funny and terrifying at the same time. Her speech showed that Kremlin propaganda will stop at nothing to justify Russia's aggression against neighboring Ukraine.

A child rights activist known in Russia, who became a deputy of Vladimir Putin's party two years ago, is now convinced that Ukraine is trading in children's and adults' organs. She claims they are being sold to the West, and in this way, Ukraine is generating 7 percent of its budget. She alleges this shocking operation is supported by the British and the Coca-Cola company.

Of course, Russian soldiers were supposed to find the evidence in Ukraine. You'vre read that right - the occupiers.

Sounds absurd? Well, in Russia such information reaches millions of recipients every day, and it is conveyed by seemingly serious people in serious positions. Because how else to perceive a person who for years was the commissioner for children's rights of the Russian Federation, and now sits in the Duma? Anna Kuznetsova has indeed come a long way, that's a fact.

And it's living proof that Russian propaganda isn't just about portly retired generals or crazy "journalists" and their equally substantive programs. Anna Kuzniecowa also creates it, of course in her own way.

It seems that all she had to do was read the formula: "Our soldiers found the documents". The Russians themselves do not trust their own army and know how "efficient" and how "excellent" it is on the battlefield. And, in Kuznetsova's opinion, they would still have to conduct an investigation and find documents while retreating on the front. It's interesting that it's at this moment.

Netizens mock that the Kremlin's propaganda is running out of ideas, so they're resorting to the most absurd ones. They've added Coca-Cola to their wild narrative to take revenge on the beverage manufacturer after it pulled out of Russia. Are they running out of beverage stocks in their warehouses, and they can't count on new supplies? It's unknown.

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