NewsRussian pilots received cake and vodka. It was a trap

Russian pilots received cake and vodka. It was a trap

This is the cake the Russian pilots got. They cut it, but didn't eat it.
This is the cake the Russian pilots got. They cut it, but didn't eat it.
Images source: © X (Twitter) | Anton Heraszczenko
9:01 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

Vladimir Putin's fear of death is widely known. The Russian dictator is so afraid of being poisoned that he has people who try his dishes before he eats them himself. Such help cannot be expected from Russian pilots. Those who celebrated the anniversary of their graduation from the Higher Military Aviation School in Armavir, received a cake and alcohol for the occasion. However, one thing couldn't set their mind at ease.

The Russians prefer to be cautious even when they should theoretically feel safe. Such was the case with pilots who celebrated the anniversary of their course completion at the Higher Military Aviation School for Anti-Aircraft Defense named after Marshal of Aviation Pavel Kutakhov in Armavir (Krasnodar Krai).

As reported by Ukrainian government advisor Anton Heraszczenko, citing sources from the Russian Telegram, the aviators received several bottles of alcohol and a cake visible in the photo. The Russians got to it, but at some point, they realized that something was wrong.

They started to suspect that someone wanted to poison them. The cake and alcohol came from an unknown source. The cake was delivered by a courier. The man was soon arrested. He turned out to be a 32-year-old resident of Melitopol, E. Semenow.

The courier wanted to leave Armavir after delivering the package. To this end, he bought a plane ticket. According to Telegram channels, the 32-year-old has already admitted his guilt. Investigators are now looking for other people involved in the attempted poisoning.

Not the first time someone tried poisoning Russian soldiers

This is not the first such situation where there's an attempt to harm celebrating Russians in this way. In August, there were reports of partisans who successfully poisoned the invading soldiers when they were celebrating Navy Day. Up to 17 military personnel ended up in the hospital, and two of them died. Many were in serious condition.

One of the most spectacular actions, reported by media from around the world, occurred at the beginning of the Russian invasion. However, these were not the actions of saboteurs, but of a Ukrainian grandmother.

In March 2022, one of the Russians complained to his girlfriend, that a woman had poisoned eight of his military colleagues with pastries. - Eight men went home in zinc coffins - the man said.

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