NewsRussian oil tanker latest target in Yemen Houthi militants' increasing attacks on Red Sea trade route

Russian oil tanker latest target in Yemen Houthi militants' increasing attacks on Red Sea trade route

First the USA, now Russia. Yemen's Houthi are attacking ships.
First the USA, now Russia. Yemen's Houthi are attacking ships.
Images source: © PAP | PAP/EPA/YAHYA ARHAB
7:23 AM EST, January 27, 2024

A missile struck an oil tanker operating on behalf of trading titan Trafigura Group, which was carrying a load of Russian fuel in the Red Sea. This marks the most substantial attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels on an oil-carrying vessel to date.

A spokesperson for Trafigura announced in a statement last Friday: "The ship is equipped with firefighting resources intended to suppress and control the fire that broke out in one of the cargo tanks on the starboard side. We are maintaining contact with the ship and closely monitoring the situation. Military vessels in the region are en route to provide assistance."

The Yemeni Houthi rebels acknowledged attacking the Marlin Luanda. The ship is transporting gasoline of Russian origin, which is used in the production of plastics and gasoline and was purchased below the price cap imposed by the Group of Seven Nations.

Bloomberg journalists highlighted that a missile exploded near another tanker carrying Russian oil previously.

It's important to note that the Yemeni Houthi militants' attacks on vessels shipping cargo through the Red Sea radically upset trade on this vitally important trade route, which is instrumental to the exchange of goods between Asia and Europe.

First target Israel, then the world

At first, containerships associated with Israel were targeted, but later, those linked to the US and the UK also came under attack when their armies bombarded positions of the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement in Yemen. While United States and its allies provide escort for these containerships, it does not discourage the Iran-backed rebels.

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