NewsRussian navy ships headed to Cuba, White House monitoring closely

Russian navy ships headed to Cuba, White House monitoring closely

Russian ships are heading towards Havana
Russian ships are heading towards Havana
Images source: © forum | Alexander Kazakov/Kremlin Pool

10:47 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that four Russian ships are en route to Havana. One of the vessels is said to be a nuclear submarine. The White House has already reacted to these reports.

According to the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a detachment of four Russian Navy ships will make an official visit to the port of Havana on June 12.

"On June 12-17, 2024, there will be an official visit to the port of Havana by a group of four ships of the Russian Navy," the statement on the department's website reads. The group comprises the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the nuclear submarine The Kazan, the Akademik Pashin tanker ship, and the rescue tug The Nikolay Chiker.

Havana noted that the arrival of the Russian ships was in line with the friendly relations between Cuba and Russia and strictly regulated by international regulations. They emphasized that none of the ships carry nuclear weapons and that their presence does not pose a threat to the region.

Washington is monitoring the situation

Washington is monitoring the situation. "We'll watch it closely, but we're not anticipating any significant national security threat as a result of these exercises," White House spokesman John Kirby told CNN on Thursday.

Kirby emphasized that such situations have happened in the past, and the United States is observing the movements of the Russian vessels.

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