NewsRussian ministry blasts 'monstrous' remarks by EU representative on escalating Ukraine crisis

Russian ministry blasts 'monstrous' remarks by EU representative on escalating Ukraine crisis

Zacharowa criticized Josep Borrell's statement.
Zacharowa criticized Josep Borrell's statement.
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9:19 AM EST, January 31, 2024

Many statements from Russian and Belarusian media or government representatives are considered part of propaganda efforts. These efforts represent a continuous information war conducted by the Russian Federation.

Zakharova expressed surprise and anger at Borrell's words, describing them as "monstrous".

"This is another grotesque statement, but it's seen as 'typical Borrell'. This perception is quite similar in the countries of the European Union. They interpret it similarly, albeit with slightly different nuances and emotional tones. They, too, say, 'That's Borrell'," said the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

She was shocked at Borrell's recent statements but acknowledged that they aligned with his previous stance.

In an article for the French publication "L'Obs", Borrell recently dismissed the idea of a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Ukraine as misplaced. Instead of fostering peace between Russia and Ukraine, he suggested supplying more weapons to Ukraine.

Zakharova claims that, contrary to Borrell's assertions, Russia has repeatedly expressed a willingness to resume dialogue with Ukraine. According to her, it is Ukraine that is resisting peace.

On this, President Putin has underscored that any agreement can only occur when Russian security guarantees are met. Zakharova emphasized that Moscow has repeatedly stated its paramount aim is to "accomplish the goals of the special operation".

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