NewsRussian military's unusual camouflage sparks online ridicule

Russian military's unusual camouflage sparks online ridicule

One of these vehicles belongs to the Russian army, can you guess which one?
One of these vehicles belongs to the Russian army, can you guess which one?
Images source: © Telegram

11:38 AM EST, December 17, 2023

Often referred to as "the second-largest army in the world", the Russian military seems to generate headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time around, they've opted for a rather unusual, and seasonally inappropriate, combat camouflage for their vehicles.

The vehicle in question was camouflaged with a net that resembles dried grass, or perhaps the straw leftovers from a harvest field. To say the least, it's a bewildering choice considering the current winter conditions at the frontline. The vehicle distinctly simulates a large straw scarecrow rather than anything resembling a strategic military asset.

Internet users, however, draw a different comparison. They associate it with a famous movie from 1994 - "Dumb and Dumber".

Indeed, this comparison is quite accurate. The lead characters of "Dumb and Dumber", Lloyd and Harry, drove around in a van designed to look like a large dog, complete with a tail, ears, and even a tongue. Strikingly, this film prop bears an uncanny resemblance to the Russian military's camouflaged vehicle.

There's another thing that Lloyd and Harry share with Putin's soldiers: a low intellectual quotient. The thought process behind disguising a van in such a manner, and risking its exposure to attacks from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is baffling. As the situation unfolds, we eagerly await the Ukrainian Armed Forces' response to this peculiar prop.

Here's the Russian military's vehicle in all its questionable glory and infamous camouflage:

Social media users have been having a field day, posting various interpretations of the camouflaged van; some see it as a movie-inspired dog truck, and others consider it to resemble a bear, a Yeti, or even a mammoth. Whatever the interpretation, the Russian military has unwittingly provided a source of comedy through this outrageous display.

However, it's crucial to remember that the "second-largest military in the world" is not just a spectacle of failed attempts. Beyond the comical blunders are serious implications that have emerged during the past year of the war. These military errors are the outcome of years of neglect in the Kremlin.

A Russian car in astonishing combat camouflage
A Russian car in astonishing combat camouflage© Telegram

Despite the clumsy errors, the Russian military shows improvement in their operational capabilities almost two years into the war. The successful construction and fortification of the Surowikin line, improvements in drone warfare, staff efficiency, and excellent artillery vividly demonstrate their progress.

The halt of the summer counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces wasn't accidental. The Russian military's robust resistance testifies to their improving tactics. The cost of lives and equipment is undoubtedly high, yet they persist forward.

It's on the Ukrainians to strategize, react robustly, and ultimately win this war. If that involves demolishing the infamous dog-van constructed by the Russian military, so be it.

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