NewsRussian military's brutality in Ukraine war: Evidence of assaults on civilians, surrendered soldiers

Russian military's brutality in Ukraine war: Evidence of assaults on civilians, surrendered soldiers

The Russians were shooting at the soldiers who had managed to surrender.
The Russians were shooting at the soldiers who had managed to surrender.
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8:20 PM EST, February 20, 2024

Putin's troops do not shy away from opening fire on defenseless people who are merely attempting to save their lives. Reports indicate they are shooting at both civilians and unarmed soldiers.

Evidence of these atrocities is a video released on social media from Robotyne. The cruelness of the Russian soldiers is evident in it.

Russian soldiers are seen targeting surrendered Ukrainian soldiers, with Russian snipers systematically shooting at Ukrainians walking in trenches.

The Russians gunned down Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in Robotyne - reported by Nexta on Twitter, which shared the video.

In consideration of its graphic content, we have chosen to not distribute the video.

Ukrainian forces defend the region around Zaporizhzhia Oblast

As a reminder, a significant offensive by Russian troops in Robotyne, located in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, has been ongoing since yesterday. Reports from American agencies suggest that Vladimir Putin's forces "are effective and gradually retaking territories that the Ukrainians painstakingly recaptured during counterattacks."

Reports confirm a portion of Ukrainian forces was compelled to surrender and enter Russian captivity. This represents another setback for the Ukrainian military following their retreat from Avdiivka.

According to Pavlo Lakiychuk, an expert from the Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Ukraine could face intensified pressure from the Russian military until March's end. Actions can escalate significantly, he conveyed in a conversation with Onet. pl.

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