NewsRussian military unit 'DSRG Rusich' showcases torture of Ukrainians in brutal Telegram photo

Russian military unit 'DSRG Rusich' showcases torture of Ukrainians in brutal Telegram photo

Russian nationalists are torturing a Ukrainian. That's what their boss orders them to do.
Russian nationalists are torturing a Ukrainian. That's what their boss orders them to do.
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8:49 AM EST, January 3, 2024

DSRG "Rusich" represents a military unit comprised of Russian nationalists battling in Ukraine aligned with Vladimir Putin's forces.

The unit's leader, Alexei Milchakov, is an openly professed Nazi. He has publicly expressed his radical sentiments multiple times. When the war commenced, he advocated for torment and killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

An interim update came through his Telegram, including "instructions to eliminate the Prisoners Of War from the Armed Forces of Ukraine." He advised it's best to proceed off the record and not report any captured prisoners.

The consequences of his directive have surfaced on Telegram. The Russian military unit DSRG "Rusich" has shared a torture image, possibly featuring a captured Ukrainian.

Whether they are military or civilians is irrelevant. The significant aspect is the person hanging by his arms in an unknown cellar, being tormented. And the Russians are flaunting it - emphasizes a Ukrainian soldier on platform X (formerly recognized as Twitter).

The Ukrainian soldier adds, in pursuing this course of action, they believe themselves to be Russian 'liberators'.

It's crucial to emphasize that members of Milchakov's unit are actively engaged in the Ukraine conflict. During the war in Donbass, Milchakov armed himself, earning notoriety for his savage acts. He severed ears of Ukrainian soldiers, crushed their fingers, and etched the Kolovrat symbol on their faces.

Russia's sustained assaults on Ukraine

Since the dawn of the new year, Russia has persistently attacked Ukraine. The magnitude of Tuesday's rocket attack - according to Ukrainian soldiers - was enormous and closely resembled the onslaught of December 29.

Within a span of a week, Russia orchestrated some of the most intense offensives since the onset of the war. Mere days ago, the Russian army utilized nearly every weapon at their disposal, deploying around 110 missiles in total, with an alarming ability to swiftly repeat the assault.

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