NewsRussian military personnel ambushed in Ukraine: Frontline video captures drone attack drama

Russian military personnel ambushed in Ukraine: Frontline video captures drone attack drama

The recording with the Russians is spreading across the network.
The recording with the Russians is spreading across the network.
Images source: © X | Special Kherson Cat

8:55 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:33 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Three Russian soldiers can be seen in the video disseminated on Platform X. The first soldier conveys to his captain that a suicide drone strike was carried out on one of the bridges on a military Kamaz. The protagonists of the footage were lucky enough to elude the attack by the Ukrainian army.

In coordination with neighbouring units, they are extracting the injured. "Where are you from?" one Russian asks his wounded ally. "From Yakutia," answers the man. "You have to hang in there a little longer," advises the cameraman to the injured comrade, adding, "Recount this to the guys later, they might not believe it."

The Russian team journeys onward. A flaming Kamaz, a Russian-made military truck, can be seen on their right. Suddenly, an FVP drone targets the vehicle from which the Russian soldier was live-reporting.

Ukrainians extensively utilize commercial drones for damaging Russian army combat vehicles. These drones are mounted with explosive devices that are then directed towards the target. Drones have emerged as a primary warfare tool. The war in Ukraine marks the first global conflict where both combat sides extensively utilize these devices.

Ukraine's challenging conditions

Regrettably, despite the numerous video clips showcasing the Ukrainian army's minor victories appearing on the internet, the frontline conditions are dire. As per the recent updates, Ukraine is nearing an artillery rocket shortage.

There's also a question mark over the inventory of anti-aircraft rockets. The Ukrainians have yet to receive Taurus rockets from Germany. Chancellor Olaf Scholz fears they may be used to attack Russian territory, subsequently escalating the conflict.

The Institute for the Study of War news report on the last day of January reveals that the Russians have launched an offensive in the Luhansk and Kharkiv regions. While the invading forces have made a slight advancement, Putin's army currently possesses the upper hand on the battlefield. Ukraine may confront severe troubles if the US Congress does not agree on a relief package for the country, significantly ravaged by Russia.

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