NewsRussian military aircraft detected in Alaskan air defense zone but pose no threat, says NORAD

Russian military aircraft detected in Alaskan air defense zone but pose no threat, says NORAD

Russian bombers off the coast of Alaska. Russia is explaining itself.
Russian bombers off the coast of Alaska. Russia is explaining itself.
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7:46 PM EST, February 7, 2024

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The statement emphasizes that the Russian aircraft did not infringe on the sovereign airspace of the US or Canada, remaining in international airspace throughout the duration of their flight.

"The Russian planes remained in international airspace and respected the sovereignty of the US or Canada's airspace," reads the statement.

NORAD highlights that the regular appearance of Russian aircraft in Alaska's ADIZ is not considered a threat. "Russian activity in the Alaska ADIZ is commonplace and does not pose a threat," the statement added.

Russia Confirms Bombers' Overflight

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that it had dispatched two strategic bombers near Alaska. The ministry stated that these machines flew over areas near Alaska, without trespassing US airspace.

"The flight fully adhered to international rules of airspace usage," said General Sergey Kobylash, commander of the Russian long-range aviation.

According to Kobylash, the flight of the two bombers lasted approximately 9 hours, and they were accompanied by two Su-30SM fighters. These operations transpired over the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea.

Source: Reuters

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