NewsRussian media: cook suspected of attacking the army office in Kaliningrad

Russian media: cook suspected of attacking the army office in Kaliningrad

Arson in Sowetsk
Arson in Sowetsk
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1:42 PM EST, November 20, 2023

A woman was arrested in Sovetsk, within the Kaliningrad region, under suspicion of committing arson at a military recruitment and registration office. Local media reports suggest that the arrested woman previously worked as a cook at a kindergarten.

Regional authorities announced that in the western enclave of Kaliningrad, Russia, a woman was apprehended under suspicion of attempting to burn a recruitment center. The incident reportedly occurred on November 19, as confirmed by Dmitri Lyskov, spokesperson for the regional authorities. The woman's identity has yet to be disclosed.

Lyskov highlighted that investigative procedures are ongoing, with efforts to discern the woman's motives and the specifics of her alleged crime underway.

A video surfaced on social media showing a woman hurling a Molotov cocktail at a building before recording the subsequent fire on her phone and fleeing the scene. Unconfirmed reports from local media suggest that the suspect worked as a cook in a kindergarten named Happy Childhood.

Notably, as of September 2022, a similar incident had been recorded in Chernyakhovsk. Consequently, a wall and a commemorative plaque on a military building were smoke-damaged due to the actions of one of the residents. In March, a case involving a 30-year-old resident of Chernyakhovsk was taken to court.

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