NewsRussian kamikaze drones hit Ukrainian energy facilities again

Russian kamikaze drones hit Ukrainian energy facilities again

Ukrainian air defense in action
Ukrainian air defense in action
Images source: © Getty Images | Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy

7:46 AM EDT, May 18, 2024

Russian kamikaze drones once again hit their targets accurately during the night from Friday to Saturday in Ukraine. They struck another energy infrastructure facility.

For over a month, Putin's troops have been shelling power plants and other energy infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. On Friday night, they recorded another hit.

In a statement released by Filip Pronin, head of administration in the Poltava region, it reads that Russians still attack the Poltava region. At night, hostile kamikaze drones damaged energy infrastructure in one of the districts of the Poltava region. There were no casualties.

Russia exploits weakened air defense

After the massive drone attack on Ukraine from the night of May 7 to May 8, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrote that Russia continues to exploit the fact that Kyiv's air defence is degraded due to shortages of supplies from the West. 

The target of last week’s analyzed Russian strike was Ukrainian energy infrastructure. It was the fifth massive missile-drone attack on Ukrainian energy infrastructure since March 22 of this year. ISW predicted that the Russian army would continue attacks until new air defense resources arrived, aiming to cause long-term damage to the energy system.

In addition to energy, the target is transport infrastructure, which, according to analysts, is intended to disrupt Ukrainian land communication lines and hinder the delivery of American aid to the front.

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