TechRussian Ka-27 Helicopter Goes Down in Occupied Crimea, Ukrainian Navy Confirms

Russian Ka‑27 Helicopter Goes Down in Occupied Crimea, Ukrainian Navy Confirms

Russians lost a Ка-27 helicopter.
Russians lost a Ка-27 helicopter.
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2:42 PM EDT, April 10, 2024
The Russian Air Force has lost a Ka-27 helicopter, as confirmed by the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk. This incident occurred in the temporarily occupied Crimea, shedding light on the type of equipment involved.
Pletenchuk shared on his Facebook profile, "One less Russian Ka-27 in Crimea. It was looking for something. And it found it."

The Russians lost a Ka-27 helicopter. What kind of equipment is it?

The Ka-27, Helix in NATO code, was originally designed in Russian. Its prototype took to the skies in 1974, intended as the successor to the Ka-25. In time, the Ka-27 served as the basis for the development of the Ka-29. The Russian military still actively utilizes these helicopters, including within the Black Sea Fleet. Notably, certain invader ships, such as patrol ships of Project 22160, are equipped to accommodate both the Ka-27 and Ka-29.

The Ka-27's significance lies in its design and capabilities, which are tailored for missions like submarine warfare, targeting surface vessels, and gathering and relaying intelligence to ground and naval stations.

Powered by two Isotov turboshaft engines, each delivering 2,230 hp, the helicopter spans 37 feet long and stands 18 feet tall. It can achieve speeds of up to 167 mph and operate at altitudes as high as 16,404 feet, with a range of approximately 609 miles.

Ka-27 Helicopter Armament

Designed for a three-person crew, the Ka-27 can carry up to 4,409 pounds of armament. Its arsenal often includes torpedoes and Kh-35 anti-ship missiles—the latter serving as Russia's answer to the American Harpoon anti-ship missile. Each missile weighs 1,058 pounds (319 pounds for the warhead) and can achieve speeds up to 0.8 Mach (about 671 mph). Its initial range of 81 miles extends to double in the enhanced Uran-UE version.

According to information periodically updated by the Ukrainian army command, the Russian aviation losses during the conflict in Ukraine are reported to include close to 350 various aircraft types and about 330 helicopters.
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