NewsRussian journalist opposed Putin. The court deprived her of her parental rights

Russian journalist opposed Putin. The court deprived her of her parental rights

Owsiannikowa opposed the war in Ukraine.
Owsiannikowa opposed the war in Ukraine.
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1:58 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian journalist, garnered attention for her anti-war protest on state television. Over a year ago, she relocated to France, where she was granted political asylum. Despite this, court proceedings in Russia continue against her. In a recent interview with CNN, she revealed that a Russian court had stripped her of her parental rights.

In March 2022, Marina Ovsyannikova made a bold move. During a live broadcast of Channel 1 - a Russian state television channel - she appeared on screen, brandishing a poster plastered with slogans against the Ukraine war and propaganda. Her actions led to a fine of 30,000 rubles (approximately $364), a precursor to the escalating woes set to befall the journalist.

Ovsyannikova found herself accused of allegedly disseminating false reports about the military, triggering a criminal proceeding. The court sentenced her in absentia to eight and a half years in prison. She was placed under house arrest but managed to escape; Ovsyannikova and her 12-year-old daughter left Russia in October 2022.

Ovsyannikova currently resides in Paris. It was here that she received startling news from Russia.

Court Revokes Ovsyannikova's Parental Rights

During a CNN interview, Ovsyannikova stated that, in her absence, a Russian court had stripped her of her parental rights. "I'm shocked by the court's decision," she conceded.

This decision is particularly jarring given how close relatives appear to have allied against the journalist. Her ex-husband, Igor Ovsyannikov, initiated the case; even her mother and 17-year-old son, who is living with her ex-husband, testified in court. It is noteworthy that Igor Ovsyannikov is still employed with the Kremlin-supported propaganda channel, RT.

Ovsyannikova foresees the possibility that Russian authorities might soon demand her 12-year-old daughter's return to Russia. "I hope that France will not consent to this since my child and I have both received political asylum here," emphasized the dissenting journalist.

Although fully aware of the Kremlin's extensive influence, Ovsyannikova continues to criticize the Russian authorities. She also underscores her lack of faith in the Russian judiciary system.

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