NewsRussian journalist in the hospital. Suspected poisoning

Russian journalist in the hospital. Suspected poisoning

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova fell ill.
Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova fell ill.
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11:06 AM EDT, October 14, 2023

Suspicions arose that Marina Ovsyannikova, a journalist opposed to Vladimir Putin, was poisoned in France, where she currently resides. The woman was hospitalized. She was recently sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for disseminating "false reports about the army".

The health of the opposition journalist suddenly deteriorated on Thursday. Woman was taken to the hospital the same day with suspicions of severe poisoning. The matter was quickly clarified.

Journalist sentenced to prison

In early October in Moscow, a verdict was delivered in absentia sentencing Owsiannikowa to 8.5 years in prison for spreading "false reports about the army". The woman is in France, so the verdict could not be executed. This increased the likelihood that Russian authorities would try to enforce "justice" in another way.

The next day, on Friday, it turned out that the journalist's health improved, so the theory that she was poisoned could be dismissed.

"Most test results are in order. There are no toxic substances in the blood. There's no talk of poisoning"- Owsiannikowa informed on her social media channels, adding that the police were dealing with the possible poisoning case.

Owsiannikowa acted against Putin

The journalist made headlines around the world when she appeared on Russian state television during the evening news, standing behind a reporter, holding a placard that read: "How many more children have to die before you stop?".

She received a financial penalty of 30,000 rubles (about $174). Due to the rather low amount, rumors started circulating that the whole situation was set up.

Owsiannikowa left her job. She expressed regret that she had spent so many years at a station promoting Russian authorities.

In April 2022, she began working as a correspondent for the German newspaper "Welt", and Russia accused her of disseminating "false reports about the army." The journalist escaped from house arrest with the help of the Reporters Without Borders organization. She moved to France with her daughter.

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