TechRussian invader ship spotted in occupied Crimea amid rising Black Sea tension

Russian invader ship spotted in occupied Crimea amid rising Black Sea tension

The Russians brought another ship to Crimea.
The Russians brought another ship to Crimea.
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9:44 AM EST, January 25, 2024

Atesh operatives reported the Russian ship's arrival into Sevastopol, noting its camouflage exterior, hinting at its imminent deployment in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian army's command has forwarded further details about Russian movements. Photos on social media add credibility to these sightings of the Ropucha.

Interestingly, the landing ship's Polish-sounding name is not incidental. Our country manufactured these units at the North Shipyard in Gdansk until the late 80s, with around 30 units produced. Several are still employed by the Russians in their landing fleet, including their ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The toad appeared in Crimea

The ship types are about 380 feet long and displaced approximately 12,750 tons post-load. Primarily designed for direct troop landing on an unprepared shore (via ramming the ship's bow into the shore) or for disembarking vehicles (through the bow door).

Such vessels can ferry payloads weighing up to 500 tons, allowing, for example, the Russians to accommodate ten tanks and over 300 marine infantry soldiers on board. Depending on the ship version, the armament consists of 57 or 76 mm guns, with optional Grad launchers and two AK-630M 30 mm artillery sets for defense.

Russians Compensating for Heavy Black Sea Fleet Losses

This is not the first deployment of a Project 775 landing ship to Ukraine's war zone. Previous destructions by the defending army have been documented, with the most notable assault occurring in September 2023. Ukrainians conducted an airstrike on the Sevastopol shipyard and struck two targets: a submarine and the Project 775 landing ship.

The Russian Black Sea fleet has suffered substantial depletion in light of such attacks. There are reports of invaders relocating some of their ships to the naval base in Abkhazia, a separatist region of Georgia.

Crimea remains a geographic hot spot within Ukraine, and predictions from several experts and analysts indicate that neither side will back down. The Ukrainians are currently focusing on the expansion of their sea drone fleet.

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