NewsRussian intrusion. Norwegians confronted on their own land

Russian intrusion. Norwegians confronted on their own land

Undiplomatic scenes took place under the monument dedicated to the liberating Red Army in the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes.
Undiplomatic scenes took place under the monument dedicated to the liberating Red Army in the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes.
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1:26 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

A disturbance occurred in a Norwegian border town when an uninvited Russian diplomat attended local ceremonies, inciting conflict with local authorities. The individual was reportedly uncouth towards the local community, which led to a physical tussle involving his staff and local media representatives.

Despite recurrent warnings from local authorities, Russian diplomat Nikolai Konygin attended the war monument ceremony at Kirkenes. This event, organized by residents and the local government, was held to commemorate the city's liberation anniversary. Konygin’s defiant act included him bringing along a wreath adorned with ribbons in the colors of the Russian flag.

Local politicians had repeatedly urged the consul to abstain from attending official city events due to Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine. They conveyed to him that the community would not tolerate these actions and thus, as a representative of the Russian government, Konygin would not be welcomed.

Despite these warnings, Konygin arrived at the city center’s monument on October 25, marking the 79th liberation anniversary. To quote the Barents Observer's report, "Tension hung in the air". The website also provided a detailed account of the subsequent events.

Minor acts of insolence were seen – the wreath brought by the Russian diplomat rested atop the one laid earlier by the mayor of Kirkenes, Magnus Mæland, which was decorated with a ribbon in Ukrainian colors.

Such an audacious act seemingly prompted the nonchalant behavior exhibited by the consul. In his speech, the mayor mentioned that the town was liberated in October 1944 by the Red Army, where Ukrainian citizens also served. He further proclaimed his disagreement with Putin's regime and their ongoing invasion resulting in multiple fatalities.

Altercation in Norway Involving Russian Consul

Disputes over the wreaths’ positioning and heated discussions escalated the situation, which resulted in a physical confrontation. A Russian woman known for her pro-Putin stance became involved in the melee. This woman began to shove Norwegian journalists who were attempting to interview the Russian consul.

Similar hostile encounters between Russian supporters and Norwegians have taken place in this border town, positioned only a few miles away from the border since the war's inception. Until this point, such divisions were unknown by the multicultural community, of which Russians compose approximately 10 percent.

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