TechRussian guide divulges weakness of Polish tanks intended for Kiev: An inside look

Russian guide divulges weakness of Polish tanks intended for Kiev: An inside look

Tank PT-91 Twardy
Tank PT-91 Twardy
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2:03 PM EST, December 30, 2023

According to the Polish portal, a graphic guide on destroying the PT-91 emerged on the Russian platform, Vkontakte. Propagandist Vladimir Slowiow published it. Besides offering a detailed description of the Twardy, the graphics also serve as a guide for soldiers, as they highlight the exact parts susceptible to damage. These weak elements could potentially allow opponents to eliminate the vehicle from combat.

The Polish portal finds it remarkable that the authors of the graphic possess knowledge about the reliability of the PT-91 tanks (they refer to the manufacturer). Based on the Russian graphic, Twardys frequently break down - approximately every 15 miles- and their repair typically takes slightly longer than three days under factory conditions. It further worsens conditions for Ukraine since Kyiv reportedly lacks "qualified maintenance staff and access to spare parts".

Notably, the suggestions in the Russian guide seem consistent with reality. That is because the Polish PT-91 Twardy is not a unique design. Instead, it's a substantially modernized version of the Soviet tank T-72, which Russian engineers are pretty familiar with.

According to the Russian graphic, weak elements susceptible to damage in PT-91 Twardy include the observation systems, aims, sensors, and smoke grenade launchers. The vulnerable parts of the hull and tower are also said to be in the middle of the former and the back of the latter. Ukrainians should pay particular attention to the gun yoke and the bottom plate under the tower and hull. The weak tracks may also contribute to immobilizing and destroying the Twardy.

About PT-91 Twardy

To remind you, the features of the Polish PT-91 Twardy tank include ERAWA reactive armor, an Obra warning system, and a Drawa fire control system, which is connected to a thermal camera. Compared to its predecessor, the T-72 above, the PT-91 boasts a more powerful engine. Instead of the W-46-6, the Twardy is powered by the Wola S-12U unit, which produces about 1136 horsepower.

Key weapons of the PT-91 include a 125 mm cannon. The Polish tank can also engage targets using machine guns of 0.5 and 0.3 inches calibers. The crew operating the machine comprises three individuals.

"PT-91 Twardy - How to destroy a Polish tank? Russian instruction"
"PT-91 Twardy - How to destroy a Polish tank? Russian instruction"©
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