NewsRussian General Warns of Escalation in Ukraine Conflict to European War

Russian General Warns of Escalation in Ukraine Conflict to European War

HIMARS launcher in action in Ukraine
HIMARS launcher in action in Ukraine
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9:46 AM EST, March 7, 2024

General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, the head of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Academy, warned that the situation in Ukraine might lead to a large-scale European conflict, as the Russian state agency RIA Novosti reported. This was mentioned in an article in the Russian Ministry of Defense's "Military Thought" magazine.

"The possibility that the conflict in Ukraine might escalate from the involvement of proxy forces against Russia to a full-scale war in Europe cannot be disregarded," the general contended.

The potential for new conflicts involving Russia

Zarudnitsky noted an increasing likelihood of Russia being embroiled in new armed conflicts. Echoing common Russian governmental rhetoric, he accused the United States of trying to cling to its position of dominance at the expense of the global community. He believes Washington aims to defeat Moscow and destabilize Russia strategically.

According to intelligence reports from Lithuania, Russia possesses the resources to continue its military endeavors for at least another two years, aided by high commodity prices and the exploitation of loopholes in Western sanctions. The report highlights that Russia has reformed and bolstered its military, positioning itself for an expanded presence along the NATO border. Meanwhile, Ukraine is anticipated to concentrate on "strategic defense" and force build-up, preparing for a possible counteroffensive in 2025.

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Source: RIA Novosti, WP News

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