NewsRussian General killed by own troop's mine in Ukraine conflict

Russian General killed by own troop's mine in Ukraine conflict

Major General Właimir Zavadsky was killed by the explosion of a Russian anti-infantry mine, set up for Ukrainian scouts.
Major General Właimir Zavadsky was killed by the explosion of a Russian anti-infantry mine, set up for Ukrainian scouts.
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6:06 AM EST, November 30, 2023

General Vladimir Zavadsky of the Russian Army was killed on the Ukrainian war front lines when he stepped on a mine his own troops had set. This tragic event marks another high-ranking Russian commander's death in the war. This week alone, Vladimir Putin's army has lost seven officers.

The Russian independent channel Important Stories on Telegram reported this loss on the front lines. The information source regarding General Zavadsky's death is the Moscow Combined Arms Command Higher School "Kremlin" alumni organization, an establishment from which General Zavadsky graduated.

The soldier was allegedly killed when he stepped on a mine in the rear of the front line. The mine, which was meant for the Ukrainian opposition, detonated, subsequently causing harm to the team that installed it.

The general is not the only Russian commander to be recorded as a war casualty this week. Important Stories reports that he is the seventh high-ranking military official confirmed dead in the Russian Federation this week.

According to the National Ukrainian Resistance Center, five officers were killed during a Ukrainian raid on Yuvileine, a village in the Kherson region occupied by Russia. Another commander died under undisclosed circumstances.

Putin's Forces' mine kills Russian general in Ukraine

Major-General Vladimir Zavadsky served as the deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps of the Russian Federation and was 45 years old. Neither the Russian Ministry of Defense nor the "Independent" have officially commented on these reports.

No reports indicate that Zawadski was killed in action. According to the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU, which alleges to have links with the Russian security services, the general died due to the explosion of a device meant to kill Ukrainian reconnaissance groups.

The same channel revealed that the incident transpired during a senseless transition of forces commanded by General Zavadsky from the front line to other locations. As per the report from the pro-Kremlin newspaper "Lenta", general Zawadski lost his life near Izium city in the Kharkiv region. Although Ukraine recaptured the city in September 2022, the front line remains nearby.

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