NewsRussian gains in Donetsk slow; Ukraine appeals for more US support

Russian gains in Donetsk slow; Ukraine appeals for more US support

Russian gains in Donetsk slow; Ukraine appeals for more US support
Images source: © East News | AA/ABACA

10:36 AM EDT, March 21, 2024

Russian forces are continuing their focus on Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, where they have seen small gains. Still, their progress has significantly slowed in recent weeks, according to a report from the British Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

The latest daily intelligence update from the British Ministry of Defense reveals that Russian forces are attempting to expand their control to areas located northwest of Donetsk. Their efforts are likely concentrated on capturing a succession of villages, including Orlivka, Toretsk, Pervomaisk, and New York.

The report highlighted that Russian progress has slowed in recent weeks, attributing part of this deceleration to the heavy losses Russia has encountered in its campaign for Avdiivka.

Despite the ongoing conflict, eastern Ukraine's situation remains highly volatile. The British Ministry of Defense underscores that a shortage of personnel and ammunition on the Ukrainian side could hinder their capability to hold their positions effectively.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Appeals for Support

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, has made an urgent appeal to the US Congress for increased support for Ukraine.

“Last night, while people were asleep, Kyiv faced another missile attack. More than 30 missiles were intercepted, but the debris from these interceptions injured more than 10 individuals. I am urgently requesting the US Congress to provide the necessary help for Ukraine, to save human lives, defend freedom, and combat Russian aggression,” Kuleba implored.

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