NewsRussian frontline surprises: golf carts, Chinese gear, and drone defeats

Russian frontline surprises: golf carts, Chinese gear, and drone defeats

Chinese golf carts sent to the front, Russians quickly lost them.
Chinese golf carts sent to the front, Russians quickly lost them.
Images source: © Telegram

2:09 PM EST, December 3, 2023

The Russian army continues to astound on the frontline. This time, Ukrainian drone operators were surprised to observe the make-shift equipment, reportedly sent by the invaders. With whatever they could get their hands on, the Russians resorted to using Chinese golf carts, as reported by the Ukrainians. Interestingly, this equipment proved to be no match against combat drones.

"Our drone operators noticed the unusual sight of golf carts, which the Russians have brought to the frontline," stated the Armed Forces of Ukraine, providing video footage of an attack against the adversary's positions. The soldiers of Vladimir Putin, facing scarcity of equipment, make do with whatever they have. This includes Chinese-made golf carts, now spotted on the battlefield.

These were not meant for attacking like tanks or armored vehicles. Golf carts serve as auxiliary equipment, used by soldiers along the frontline for transporting heavy machinery. Nevertheless, their presence during battle is indeed surprising. It's an additional testament to the preparedness - or lack thereof - of the Russians for war.

And yet they still insist on being called the "second army in the world" in Moscow.

It appears the Russians sourced these golf carts from China, much like an increasing amount of their warfare equipment, to carry out their operations. China backs Moscow, supplying equipment and ammunition, as Russia struggles to manufacture enough on its own. Following Western sanctions against Moscow, China's support has been instrumental.

As a result, the Russians have shown a growing interest in Chinese weaponry and equipment. This is to the point that Russian media propagandists laud Chinese goods and advertise their exclusive purchases of the same, disregarding well-known European brands. The army has few alternatives, given that only a handful of nations are willing to trade with Russia.

However, it turns out, these Chinese golf carts may be aesthetically pleasing, but they are effectively useless on the battlefield.

Such equipment, including golf carts, has already been decimated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and has joined the growing list of Russian losses on the battlefield. The invaders attempt to make do with what's available, showing up at the frontline with depleted ammunition and riding even bicycles. However, vigilant Ukrainian drone operators can easily identify and target them.

So far, the destruction of two such golf carts has been confirmed.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin's army, i.e., the "second army in the world", has reportedly lost 5575 tanks, 10396 armored vehicles, 7949 artillery systems, 323 airplanes, 324 helicopters, 22 ships, and 10432 specialized vehicles in the fight. Additionally, over 332,000 Russian soldiers are reported to have been killed. These figures are provided by the Ukrainian army.

Whilst Russia's resources in terms of manpower and equipment are vast, they are dwindling rapidly.

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