NewsRussian forces use combined strike tactics in latest Ukraine attacks

Russian forces use combined strike tactics in latest Ukraine attacks

War in Ukraine. Russia changes tactics
War in Ukraine. Russia changes tactics
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8:37 AM EDT, June 14, 2024

Russians regularly change their tactics for shelling Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force explained the current Russian attack approach, particularly during the last one, from Thursday night to Friday. The Russian army has started using a combination strike tactic.

At least one civilian was killed and 11 were injured due to Russian attacks on Ukraine over the past 24 hours, representatives of the military authorities in the south and northeast of the country reported on Friday.

The fatality was reported by Oleksandr Prokudin, head of the Kherson region, where there were artillery and air strikes. Twenty localities came under enemy attack there.

"Russian military hit residential areas in the Kherson region, damaging nine private buildings. There were hits on a community center and a private car. One person was killed due to Russian aggression," Prokudin wrote on social media.

Combined Russian tactics

Currently, Russia is using the tactic of combined air attacks with regrouping and changing the direction of missile and drone movements, Ukrainian services reveal.

They indicate that this is primarily a combined strike tactic using unmanned aerial vehicles from various directions in combination with different types of missiles.

Russian forces are regrouping and changing movement directions.

Cruise missiles flew last night to western Ukraine, to Kolomyia, then turned back and flew again towards Starokostyantyniv.

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