NewsRussian forces seize control of Avdiivka. A new Ukrainian supreme commander takes the floor

Russian forces seize control of Avdiivka. A new Ukrainian supreme commander takes the floor

Awdijiwka in the hands of the Russians. General Syrski spoke up.
Awdijiwka in the hands of the Russians. General Syrski spoke up.
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11:52 AM EST, February 18, 2024

Syrskyi delivered his speech during a memorial service for the soldiers who perished in the battle for Debaltseve in 2015.

He stated that the conflicts for the city are a "part of his personal life," adding, "For me, Debaltseve is more than just an entry in our history of a decade-long struggle for independence against Russian aggression."

During his speech, Syrskyi discussed the retreat of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka for the first time, highlighting that the loss of the city is temporary. He also emphasized that the defenders' objective is to regain all areas seized by the invaders.

"We are confident that we will return to Debaltseve, Hinirsk, Lohvynove, Ridkoduby, and finally, to our Ukrainian Avdiivka and Donetsk. We will liberate all our native Ukrainian lands," he declared.

Russians seize Avdiivka: Putin's troops take the city

Saturday at noon, it was reported that the Russians had successfully occupied the entire area of Avdiivka. Putin's forces have taken over the coke and chemicals factory, according to DeepState, a channel specializing in OSINT, as noted in the editor's remarks.

Gen. Oleksandr Turnavskyi, the Tauryda task force commander, wrote, "The withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was meticulously planned, accounting for different scenarios and potential changes in the operational situation. Despite this, during the final phase of the operation, some Ukrainian soldiers were captured."

Avdiivka: The "Gateway to Donetsk"

Until February 24, 2022, Avdiivka, located in eastern Ukraine, was home to 34,000 people. Some of the most severe battles of the nearly two-year-long war have occurred around the city.

Avdiivka is seen as a portal to the nearby Donetsk, the most significant city captured by Russia-backed separatists as early as 2014, and subsequently illegally annexed by Moscow. After months of intense conflicts, Avdiivka is almost entirely devastated.

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