NewsRussian forces make gains in Donetsk, Ukraine, despite challenges

Russian forces make gains in Donetsk, Ukraine, despite challenges

Ukrainian artillerymen in action on the front
Ukrainian artillerymen in action on the front
Images source: © forum | RFE/RL/Serhii Nuzhnenko / Reuters / Forum

2:55 PM EDT, March 18, 2024

Russian forces continue their offensive in the Donetsk region west of Avdiivka with moderate success, having captured several towns.

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According to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Putin's army has likely made progress to the west of Avdiivka. Geolocated recordings suggest the capture of the towns of Tonenke and Nevelske.

Additionally, Russian forces have advanced in the area near Velyka Novosilka, situated on the border between the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Russians fight without the support of vehicles

Serhii Tsyhocki, an officer with the 59th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade, shared details on Espreso TV about the ongoing battle in the Avdiivka sector of the Donetsk region. He mentioned that for three consecutive days, Putin's army has attacked Ukrainian positions without deploying heavy armored vehicles.

"The enemy persistently attempts to advance. Each day, they launch assaults on our positions in small groups, primarily using infantry. The absence of heavy armored vehicles in these assaults for three days straight is attributable to the weather conditions and our successful deployment of minefields. Furthermore, we have fortified our defensive positions, significantly enhancing our combat effectiveness," Tsyhocki explained. He noted that the Russians also mount assaults at night.

"Their efforts to storm our positions are relentless. In the past week alone, there have been night attacks twice. They rely on outdated equipment, assembling operational units from devices that have been in storage for decades," he further elaborated.

Source: Espreso/ISW

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