NewsRussian forces intensify attack on Avdiivka, Ukrainian resistance persists

Russian forces intensify attack on Avdiivka, Ukrainian resistance persists

War damages in Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.
War damages in Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.
Images source: © PAP, X | Yevhen Titov
11:44 AM EST, February 8, 2024

"The enemy is launching considerable forces at Avdiivka, an ongoing pattern since October 10 of last year. However, the situation is not critical," Vitaliy Barabash stated when he appeared on Ukrainian television.

According to Barabash's account, it seems the Russians are attempting to infiltrate the older part of the city by deploying sabotage groups. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian forces managed to effectively impede these attempts. The enemy is also primarily targeting a garden complex known as the Orchard Society, situated in close vicinity to the coking and chemical plants of KoksoChim.

Barabash confirmed that the Russians are striving to isolate KoksoChim, indicating heavy combats and enemy offensive actions along the city's defensive line. "The situation is highly complex and fraught, but it would be incorrect to assert that Avdiivka has been defeated and surrendered. Avdiivka is still persevering," emphasized the head of the military administration.

Barabash also shared that the Ukrainian forces still control the primary route that ensures connection with territories still under Kiev's control. "They closed in over a mile away. It's challenging, but we will continue with our duties as long as we are capable," he declared.

In spite of calls for evacuation, there are still 941 civilians dwelling in the city. "It's likely they will choose to stay here, despite residing in basements and destroyed homes, without lighting, heating, gas, and water. We provide them with humanitarian aid despite significant risks," explained the head of the military authorities in Avdiivka.

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