NewsRussian forces facing record losses in Ukraine's Kharkiv offensive

Russian forces facing record losses in Ukraine's Kharkiv offensive

Russia won't cover losses on the front? "Military machine on the edge"
Russia won't cover losses on the front? "Military machine on the edge"
Images source: © East News | MIKHAIL METZEL

7:41 AM EDT, May 22, 2024

A Ukrainian military expert predicts that the Russians may suffer record personnel losses in May. These losses could amount to 30,000 soldiers, which is Russia's average monthly mobilization potential.

Sergey Grabski, in an interview for Channel24, assesses that such large Russian losses are a consequence of their offensive actions in the north of the Kharkiv region. This could be the cause of the enemy's further failures.

According to the military expert's predictions, the Russians may lose about 30,000 soldiers by the end of May, which is the peak of their mobilization capabilities in a month.

"The Russian military machine is at the end of its capabilities"

Grabski points out the limitations of the Russian mobilization system's capabilities. "Russia can painlessly call up about 20,000 soldiers to the ranks of its armed forces every month. Considering the financial constraints, the Russians can only afford to pay for 'cannon fodder' services," he explained.

Grabski argues that the Russian military machine is currently at the end of its capabilities, using traditional methods of recruiting soldiers. According to the expert, increasing Russian losses "indicates the enemy's inability to conduct mass combat operations and offensive actions over large areas of the front soon."

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